10 Types of Effective Content for e-Commerce or Affiliate Sites

ecommerce content
Written by Gloria Towolawi
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Content marketing is an important lead generation tool. Content works with clients who are at the stage of search, selection and decision-making is necessary / not necessary. Content informs potential customers about the company, the decision, the product. Encourages users to make a positive purchase decision. Strengthens the relationship with the brand. Increases trust and commitment .

To determine which content is most effective for e-commerce, BuzzSumo experts analyzed 12 e-commerce sites that actively use content marketing. For a detailed study were selected 100 of the most popular pages in recent years. Each page was analyzed separately and classified according to several parameters. As a result, the main trends of content marketing and types of content that provide:

Maximum user traffic
High level of engagement
Big increase in social signals

Statistics of social signals is as follows:

The maximum number of repost publications – 72 829
Average number of publication reposts – 8,064
Minimum number of publication reposts – 2,891
Some studies indicate that long content ( longrid – content about 2000 words) is ranked better.

However, this is not entirely true and not entirely applicable to commercial or affiliate content:

The average content length of the most popular pages is 945 words.

Only 12 pages out of 100 offered users content of 2000+ words
Content of 1000 words received 6,744 reposts.
Content up to 1000 words received an average of 9,029 reposts
Almost all pages contained multimedia content, while 59% of publications were based on graphic content (photos, video, other graphics).

10 examples of the most effective content for e-commerce


1. Article Lists

Trite, but true, listings are still popular. 30 out of 100 pages offered exactly articles in a list format. In order for your list to become viral, your target audience appreciated it, it is important to choose the right topic:

Resonating with the interests of the target audience – it makes no sense to create a list of the strongest nails, if Central Asia is not interested in this topic.

Actual at a given point in time – if the topic is correlated with the event being discussed, significant for the target audience, then it is likely that users will rate and “pick up” such an article.


2. Content Resonating with Addiction

It is proved that certain emotions encourage users to act in social media: likes, comments, reposts, discussions. Choose a relevant topic for publication, and success is guaranteed.


3. Photo based content

In order to create effective content, you do not need to have at your disposal photographs of Hawaiian landscapes. Thus, Home Depot publications are incredibly popular. The authors illustrate instructions with process photographs. In this case, the images not only attract attention and evoke emotions, but also effectively complement the content and contribute to easier perception.


4. Interactive content

Users like content that does something. Interactive content can be a strong advantage against competitors who only publish textual or graphical information. Interactivity increases the value of content, encourages users to share publications. Interactivity has a wow effect. Users are more likely to share something unusual, rather than just an interesting publication.


5. Tests, quizzes, jokes

This type of entertainment content remains very popular among active users of social networks. Users pass the test and share the results on the pages of their accounts, prompting others to also try the test. And if you add commercial interest to the content, then as a result you can get not only a wave of social signals, but also sales.


6. Giveaway

Everyone loves to get something for free. This is a great way to increase engagement and reach, get new subscribers and build loyalty with your existing audience. Tasks for the giva are often simple social actions: subscriptions to accounts, pages, public messages, public recommendations to friends, likes, repost, comments – that is, everything that allows you to maximize the company’s social activity.


7. Instructions and manuals

Educational publications with step-by-step instructions on how to do something (solve a user’s problem / problem) with the help of the company’s products actively promote users in the sales funnel without explicit imposition. The main difficulty is to create a really valuable manual, demanded and relevant for affiliate i.e discount voucher site, which will lead the user from problem to solution. Don’t forget to illustrate the process with photos.


8. Detailed product reviews

Reviews are one of the most sought-after content types driving online sales. Users who are unable to test the product themselves are looking for detailed reviews and comparisons (sites) in order to make a purchase decision remotely. The indisputable advantage of the company is the ability to “live” comparison of typical or competitive products that are in stock.


9. Stories, Interviews

People are always interested in someone else’s life. This is not about celebrity gossip and fake news, but about really interesting life stories of simple and not so much people. Storytelling brings the company together with the reader, introduces, puts on one level.


10. Unusual products

You won’t surprise anyone with an ordinary smartphone, but simply the most expensive smartphone in the world, the most powerful, the biggest, the most … – this is much more interesting. Add to the product catalog an unusual product, a new one that you cannot buy from competitors, which you will not find with fire in the afternoon, and social signals are guaranteed to you.