10 Ways To Freelance From The Comfort Of Your Home

10 Ways To Freelance From The Comfort Of Your Home
Written by Gloria Towolawi

Freelance industry has observed a huge shift over the past few years. If we go back a few years in time, it would be hard to find a lot of people familiar with the idea of freelancing. While most businesses overlooked the importance of freelance workers, some industries opened the doors to offer freelance work. However, with so many freelance opportunities, it gets really difficult for the beginners to figure out how and where to take the start. If you are also looking to mark the beginning of your successful freelancing career, this article can help you learn about 10 ways to freelance from the comfort of your own home. Let’s have a look at these and find out how these ways can help you start your freelance journey in the right direction.


One of the easiest ways to step into the world of freelance is by writing blogs. Here, it is important to know that you can follow two primary ways to succeed as a blogger. The first way is to create your own blog by writing about the topics that appeal to a larger audience. While this may be valid, you will need to have uniqueness in your articles. The second way is to create a portfolio by writing about multiple niches. Once you create your portfolio, you can share your work samples with thousands of clients looking for content writers. It is highly recommended to use the second way at the beginning of your freelancing career as it helps you learn and earn at the same time.

Graphics & Animation

If writing is not your cup of tea, you can try your luck in graphics. Many individuals who do not have any interest or skills to write content for blogs and websites tend to choose graphic design over writing. To start from scratch while sitting in your own home, you can simply download or purchase graphics suite for your PC. There are millions of YouTube videos available to help you out in learning the tools. Watch and practice to improve your skill and do not forget to keep a record of your portfolio. From websites to social media profiles, graphics have an undeniable value. So, share your portfolio in your circle or freelancing websites to start your journey as a freelance graphic designer.

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Web Design & Development

This is the era of digital. This means that most of the businesses operate through digital channels like websites and social business profiles. If you have a skill of designing websites, this is the best time for you to cash it. Professional companies typically charge huge amounts for web design. If you think you can do it better and alone, you can find a lot of work on freelancing websites including Fiverr and Upwork. In addition to web design, you can also develop the websites for your clients.
Here, it is important to know your options first. Most users prefer to find a PHP developer for their website. You can sharpen your coding skills in PHP to make it your competitive edge or USP. Moreover, you can also build websites using MVC Frameworks including Codeigniter and Laravel. While this may all be valid, many influencers and bloggers like to have their websites built in open source CMS like WordPress and Joomla. So, looking at all of these options, you can pick what suits you to start your freelancing journey in web design and development.

Virtual Staffing

We can call it a blessing in disguise that COVID crisis have opened the doors to the possibility of remote work across the globe. If you are good at communicating with others and dealing in a professional environment, you can definitely try your luck in virtual staffing. As a virtual assistant, you may be required to manage administrative tasks, customer services, bookkeeping, and sales management. Moreover, many companies offer virtual assistant freelance positions to part-timers and students. If communication is your thing, you can take off a great start in the virtual staffing industry.

Voiceover Artist

Voiceover artists do not receive as much appreciation as they deserve. However, those who value quality voiceover skills make it exciting and fruitful. If you want to try out your voiceover skills, you can do that right in your own home. All you need to do is to record clear voice samples for different characters. Once you do it, share it with your friends and ask for their feedback. If you receive positive feedback, create your freelance profile on Fiverr, Upwork, or any other freelance platform that you prefer to try. Keep an eye out for voiceover gigs and share your samples with the clients. It may seem a slow process initially but once you start finding clients, not only your portfolio will improve but you will also reap more rewards in terms of money.

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One of the most fun freelance jobs is photography. While many individuals have reached heights in their journey of freelance photography, some of the enthusiasts do not pay much attention as the job requires a professional camera. If you happen to have a DSLR and like to test your photography skills every now and then, freelance photography is definitely something you can go with. It is important to remember that you will need to have a portfolio of your photographs showing a variation of your work aesthetic. Freelance photographers are among the most-demanded freelancers in today’s time.

Branding & Logo Creation

With Ecommerce stepping into the game, there is a rapidly increasing number of new brands and companies emerging across the world. Although these businesses have a vision, investment, and a marketing strategy, they are often hunting freelancers to create the brand logo. You can learn basic graphic and logo creation skills from YouTube and start creating logos on apps like Canva. It is advisable to look for smaller projects in the initial phase of your logo creation journey. However, once you have a few names of brands listed on your portfolio, clients from across the globe will show interest in hiring you for the job.

Online Tutorship

Believe it or not, but the world is always looking for tutors. If you think you have expertise in teaching any course or subject to students, you can do it online now. Here, it is important to mention that you do not have to focus on a lot of subjects to teach. You can opt for a single subject and offer tutorship at multiple levels. More often than not, freelancing websites list a lot of tutorship offers from across the borders. If you can communicate in English and teach students living in the US from your home for some handsome dollars, what more would you like?

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Fitness Coaching

IF you have the knowledge and expertise to guide gym newbies around you, why do it for free? Many fitness coaches and trainers across the globe are switching to online media for training clients. While to some people it may not seem as effective and practical, others prefer working out in their personal space with an online coaching option. If you want to make it super effective, you can create your fitness blog on social media profiles and share your fitness journey with your audience. Many fitness influencers use Instagram and YouTube as primary sources to communicate with their followers. You can watch and learn from their work and start your journey as a freelance fitness coach online.

Proof Reader

Want to write but not a lot? Proof reading is just the thing for you. From correcting the tone, to removing grammatical errors, you can find several proof reading tasks from clients across the world. As a freelancer, proof reading is one of the simplest and easiest jobs if you have flawless grammatical sense. All you need to do is create your freelance profile and share your samples of before/after writing pieces to impress your relevant audience. Proofreading jobs are as popular as content writing jobs. So, if you think you can fix false pieces of writing in a matter of minutes, proof reading will not disappoint you.

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The above-mentioned 10 ways to freelance from the comfort of your home have proved highly effective for starters and newbies. Freelancing journey may sound effortless. However, it requires an equal amount of dedication and hard work as any other typical job. If you want to make freelancing fun, you can do it by devising a suitable routine to manage your tasks in a timely fashion. One of the key factors in being successful as a freelancer is to ensure client satisfaction at all costs. If you fail to follow the deadlines, your clients may leave negative reviews on your profile. This will not only cause hindrance in your success but also make it difficult for new clients to develop a trust with you. Freelance requires patience and a ‘’can do’’ attitude. Once you develop the consistency in your freelance ethic, you can continue to increase the level and amount of work.