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A smartphone with a Nubia Alpha screen is shown

A smartphone with a Nubia Alpha screen is shown -
Written by Gloria Towolawi
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Famous insider Benjamin Geskin has published on his page in the social network Twitter the computer image of the new smartphone company Nubia, created on the basis of information from its own sources.

The device runs under the name Nubia Alpha, and its main feature is a bending display.

At this stage, it is unclear whether the display will bend in the middle, as in other concepts of similar devices, which we have already seen before, or it will be flexible over the entire length. This will allow you to wear a smartphone on your arm and wear it as a bracelet. It was in this form that the device was presented first in August last year at the IFA 2018.

Recently, Nubia has invited everyone to the Mobile World Congress 2019, which will be held at the end of this month in Barcelona. The advertising slogan “Flex Your Life” is directly pointed out by the device with a curved screen.

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