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Advantages of e-cigarette

advantages of e-cigarette -
Written by Gloria Towolawi
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In traditional tobacco products, besides nicotine and tar, there are innumerable toxic chemicals, many of which are classified as harmful carcinogens. E-cigarette contains only one toxic substance – nicotine. Even in the conductive fluid includes food additives that do not have on the health of vaping fans tangible harm. We recommend to buy  electronic cigarettes in bulk , so you will save money.

CASAA experts found that these food additives have a significant adverse effect on the device’s bathers, as there are too few of them in this device to harm the user of the electronic cigarette in any way.

Do not forget that users of e-cigarettes do not turn yellow fingers and teeth, and an unpleasant smell does not emanate from the mouth. The clothes and flat of the vaper are not soaked through with cigarette smoke, as can often be seen in a heavy smoker.

No smoke

Smoke from traditional cigarettes is very dangerous and can be the reason for the appearance of malignant tumors in the body of a smoker. Especially often the respiratory system suffers from cancer. In addition, when smoking, respiratory insufficiency usually develops.

If a person uses a steam generator, then discharge into the environment only in the form of ordinary water vapor. It quickly dissolves, leaving behind a train of unpleasant odor and toxic components.

As a result, people around can quietly stay near the vaper and at the same time not fear for their health and health. Passive smoking of an electronic cigarette is absolutely harmless. You can also buy Boxing mod , under electronic cigarettes.


In order to light up an e-cigarette, a weir does not have to use matches or lighters. After the smoking process, there are no unpleasant things like ash or cigarette butts, so the viper does not need to get an ashtray.

E-cigarette does not burn, therefore it is completely fireproof, which excludes the occurrence of an accidental fire or fire caused by careless handling of a lit cigarette.

After hovering the device, you can safely put in your pocket or bag.

Acceptable cost

Any device costs more than a pack of average cigarettes. But it can be used as long as you like, so in the long run it will cost the user much cheaper than cigarettes smoked during this time.

In addition, e-cigarettes do not belong to tobacco products, and the corresponding tax is not taken from them. Cigarettes also have the unpleasant property of constantly increasing prices, but there is no increase in the cost of steam generators.

Low nicotine use

Each fan of traditional cigarettes makes about 10 puffs. At the same time about two milligrams of nicotine get into his body. If an electronic cigarette is equipped with a sixteen milligram cartridge, then with the same number of puffs, the bathers inhale only 0.14 milligrams of nicotine.

You should know that the dose of nicotine in the conductive fluid can be gradually reduced and eventually switch to nickel-free soaring, which cannot be done by using traditional tobacco products.

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