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Alive After the Fall Review

Alive After the Fall -
Written by Gloria Towolawi
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Alive After the Fall by Alexander Cain Review


The Bible mentions all the other superpowers, except America. It was strange for Alexander Cain, a professor of history and theology at the University of Arkansas. How can a nation with such great power and influence on the world not be mentioned on any page of the Scripture? This caused an interest in a deep study of the Bible and ancient history, which led to the revelation that the United States of America, in fact, the biblical Babylon, which one day will end, according to the prophecy.


Yes, Alive After the Fall is the story of the apocalypse that will befall America in the future. And this future is as close as we imagine; according to Alexander Cain, this unexpected blow to America will occur before January 1, 2017. Russia will be the main attacker who attacks the US with an EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse) bomb that will explode at a height of 20 miles above sea level. What will be the effect? Mass destruction, which works on the electricity.


America will be plunged into a state of darkness; the fall of Babylon, as predicted by the four prominent prophets in the Bible. As we all know, everything in America is largely powered by electricity; hospitals, paid systems, transportation systems, schools, businesses, food processing plants, and factories for production … you name it. In short, America will have virtually no chance of survival, and whenever this happens, humanity always responds in one action; anarchy! Food will be inadequate, epidemics will break out due to a shortage of medications, jobs will be lost due to power cuts, life will be lost in hospitals, and the whole of America will be confused.


However, ” Alive After the Fall ” gives an answer about how to survive in this dark mourning.


Overview of Alive After the Fall


Alive After The Fall doubles as a package for the survivors for those who want to survive in the post-apocalyptic period and bring it to the end. Imagine a world without cable television, IPA, iPod, iPhone or a functioning fan in the hospital? This is unlikely to be plausible, but since Cain warns that this is happening pretty soon. Not everyone will survive, but those who are fortunate enough to buy the Alive After Fall package will prosper, even when America suffers from the greatest power cut-off in history.


In the digital book Alive After the Fall, there are various tips that will help you and your family to go through. Tips on how to cook and save the food without the need of energy. Methods for determining clean edible products from contaminated and how to dig water (which can provide a family for several months) even in the aridest regions.


In addition, the digital book gives an idea of the 7 most important medical supplies that you will need during the apocalypse, as well as how to keep the heat-sensitive medicine so that it is usable. The Alive After the Fall package also offers advice on choosing the safest places to protect against radiation and attacks from hungry, sick and desperate people who are struggling for survival.


In addition, as a bonus package for buying a digital book, there are two reports on the diagram. One of them is Fall Out – a digital report that describes 5 myths about people’s nuclear attacks and how to avoid common knowledge in order to survive. It also offers tips on how to react during the first few seconds to several hours after a radiation attack, how to treat radiation sickness and how to turn your home into an atomic shelter. Psychological counseling tips are also shared in this program that will help you and your family dare for the entire tribulation period, which is predicted to be worse than any hurricane or terrorist attack that will ever hit America.


The second report is devoted to the chemical attack on the attacks on 7 vital medicines that are stockpiled for the treatment of chemical attacks, how to identify a specific chemical and to facilitate it, and how to build a basic survival tool with chemical equipment, using the simple items that we have in our home. In addition, the purchase of this package automatically turns one of the participants into an online survivor group led by Alexander Cain who is ready to offer support, answering any of your questions and even providing additional survival tips not covered in the book.


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Pros and Cons of Alive After the Fall




The book ” Alive After the Fall “ is comprehensive and fairly simple to follow, giving precise information about how these events will be revealed, as predicted in the Bible.

Information is well studied and even consistent with the news extracted from reliable sources

Alive After the Fall offers all the useful tips to stay healthy and alive, even when America is plunging into darker times

There is a full money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with this.

Access to a wide range of information on how to virtually survive the impact of EMP and how to protect your family from its side effects

Alive After the Fall also offers useful tips on how to create chemical and protective EMP devices using the main items in our homes

The proposed tactic of survival is supported by the military science employed by soldiers during the war; how to identify and treat chemical attacks.




You can only download the Alive After the Fall product from the original website, and there are no affiliate sites for providing a digital book

Alive After the fall, it is heavily borrowed from the Bible and does not refer to other religious institutions such as Islam or Buddhism

The current discount on the product Alive After the Fall will soon be over, and in the future, the digital product will be sold at a much higher price.




Alive After The Fall is a digital book that will teach you how to survive in an apocalypse if an EMP bomb hits your space and destroys the power line of the entire city network. Despite the fact that other religious doctrines can argue with the biblical facts presented by Alexander Cain, this digital book still has some knowledge.


He carefully delineates and explains some of the current events happening with America, which we ourselves do not understand. On the other hand, it is a comprehensive package that will teach you and your family members basic advice on the survival of people who were used even in primitive times even before electricity. Because the product has a money back guarantee, there is no harm in adding the digestion of this knowledge pool and using it when it thinks the most. Just in case, America is really plunged into darker times.


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