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All computers on Windows 7 are forcibly restricted

All computers on Windows 7 are forcibly restricted -
Written by Gloria Towolawi
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As it became known on January 29, 2019, the American corporation Microsoft decided to secretly and imperceptibly remove from all computers based on the operating system Windows 7 special function, which allowed to receive metadata for media when used as a player of the Windows Media Player application that is used by fans “Win” is very popular. This means that more data on movies, albums, TV shows, TV shows and other types of content will not be copied from the global network.


It goes without saying that such a possibility of still accessing Windows 10, that is, the refusal of this opportunity did not affect the latest and most recent version of the operating system Microsoft. One can not help but notice that it is Windows 7 that prevents the tenth “wind” from becoming popular, so developers began to “smoke” from users by limiting the functionality of old software. It is obvious that at such a limit, which was introduced today, everything will not be limited. This is just the beginning.


It is possible that users of Windows 7 will soon be forbidden, for example, to install some modern programs, or to do something else. Simply put, Microsoft is trying to artificially create the illusion that old software is outdated, although in reality it is far from the case. Simply, the company creates inconvenience for all users, who in fact could not be at all, if not the desire of the corporation to promote all available means of the new Windows 10.

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