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Apple will hit all of its new smartphone

Apple will hit all of its new smartphone -
Written by Gloria Towolawi
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Recently, among manufacturers of smartphones there is a new trend in the creation of folding devices. Samsung announced the first such development, but the prime role in the creation of such a gadget belongs to the Chinese company Royole. Apparently, “apple” decided not to lag behind competitors. For the first time, the patent for the creation of a folding smartphone Apple was filed in 2011. Five years later, it was upgraded, and recently there were new additions.

According to patent information, the smartphone can be folded twice. In the opened form the device in size will approach the tablet. Also, the gadget will have a special ability to build – it can be knocked inside and out.


In the new device, the hinges in the bending areas will be covered by the display and the case, which will become an innovation. For example, in the Royole Flex Pai hinges it was evident that the cumbersome appearance of the device was made. Previously, the creation of such gadgets have been announced by Xiaomi, Motorola, LG and Lenovo.

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