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Asus ROG Phone gaming smartphone

Asus ROG Phone -
Written by Gloria Towolawi
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Asus ROG Phone gaming smartphone has been well featured in its strength tests


The JerryRigEverything blogger got to one of the most unusual modern smartphones – the Asus ROG Phone.


Despite its unusual nature, the unit was subjected to the standard test set itself. Test of protective glass can be skipped, as well as a futile heating test, which device, by the way, did not pass, as it uses the panel AMOLED.


But the attempt to scratch the fingerprint reader was very useful, as it showed that the scanner is covered with glass. That is, scratching it will not be so easy.


A bending test of the smartphone went though, though it was suspiciously cracking at the time of applying. Also, thanks to a blogger test, we now know how the inside of the AeroActive Cooler comes with.

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