smart watches 2022
Written by Gloria Towolawi



sizes 42mm and 46mm
Powered by HarmonyOS
Works with Android and iOS
Huawei TrueSeen 5.0 heart rate sensor
Dual band GNSS positioning for outdoor tracking
Over 100 workout modes
artificial intelligence running coach
Up to 2 weeks battery life
Water resistance 5ATM
Price From: £209.99 (no official US release)
Buy if: You’re looking for a running-focused smartwatch – there’s a lot to like about the Huawei Watch GT 3

There’s a lot to like about Huawei’s latest smartwatch, which offers Harmony OS and plenty of fitness features for over $100/£100 less than the flagship Watch 3.

It offers over 100 workout modes, specific workouts and metrics, a personalized AI running coach with a specific running index, VO2 Max, and a new Healthy Living feature that reminds you to drink water and other essentials.

The GT 3 inherits the Watch 3’s haptic head and uses an upgraded version of Huawei’s TruSeen optical heart rate sensor to improve accuracy.

Huawei has added the five-system dual-band GNSS technology it introduced with the Huawei Watch 3 Pro to improve outdoor tracking accuracy. It also has basic navigation features and new personalized workout plans.

The battery life is 2 weeks, and with heavy use it is reduced to a week. The price jumped with the smallest 42mm variant starting at £209.99 (around $288).

As with other Huawei watches, there are no details on US pricing or whether it will be easy to get hold of in the States.

But the Watch GT3 is a powerful smartwatch that combines many of the features of a flagship at a more attractive price point – there’s a lot to like here.


iphone and android
Case size 45mm (40mm Venu 2S)
Special Sports Tracking Modes
Water resistance 5ATM
Heart rate and pulse OX
Stress Tracker, Body Battery
Offline Spotify / Amazon Music
Garmin Pei
Price at time of review: $399.99.
Buy it if: You want a powerful Garmin sports watch with the sleek style of a full AMOLED smartwatch.

Garmin smartwatches are, unsurprisingly, extremely sports-focused, with dedicated modes for running (indoor, outdoor, treadmill), cycling (indoor/outdoor), swimming (pool only thanks to 5ATM water resistance), golf , strength, cardio, elliptical, indoor rowing. , yoga and much more.

It sets itself apart from its sports lineup with its 416 x 416 resolution AMOLED display, which is meant to seduce those looking at the Apple Watch or Galaxy Watch.

To keep you even more excited, the Venu 2 offers over a week of battery life, Garmin’s prowess in sports tracking, and a host of advanced health metrics, including heart rate and stress monitoring.

In addition, Garmin has just released the Venu 2 Plus with a slimmed down chassis to 43mm and the added ability to make/receive calls and access your smartphone’s voice assistant right from your wrist.

In terms of sports tracking, HIIT has been improved over the original Venu with dedicated modes for EMOM and AMRAP sessions and will also track reps in guided strength training.

It’s a good set, and that screen is really crisp, making it easy to read stats while running in the dark, and notifications also look crisp and clear.

On the Venu 2, you’ll get about 10 days in smartwatch mode (with the screen always on and heart rate off), 7 hours with GPS tracking and music streaming, and 19 hours of GPS battery life. It also has impressive fast charging, and 20 minutes should get you a full day of use. In our experience, those 10 days in smartwatch mode seem a bit ambitious if you’re using the full feature set. We’d say it’s more like a week. It offers more GPS battery life, especially if you decide to forgo offline music streaming and just take your phone with you.

We also really liked the health features – and Garmin made great strides in accuracy with the Venu 2. The stress tracking was immediate and rewarding, and we could see how stress sensations escalate with real-time tracking. Similarly, sleep tracking has been greatly improved, which is also used to measure Body Battery energy. It will also record your blood oxygen levels at night or 24/7 if you prefer.

However, not everything is so rosy. Raising the wrist is a bit clunky, and the included watch faces and apps on Connect IQ feel very basic. It’s also not as smooth as the Apple Watch or Galaxy Watch 4 in terms of smartwatch notifications, payments, and specialty app stores.

In short, the Garmin Venu 2 isn’t as slick as the Apple Watch, but it’s tear-jerkering for battery life, and at the same time, it’s the best fitness smartwatch out there. This is recommended.


iphone and android
case 41 mm
1.5″ TFT display with 320×360 resolution
Water resistance 5ATM
Heart rate monitor
100 workout modes
Price at time of review: $TBC/£59.99
Buy it if: one of the best budget smartwatches out there – the Redmi Watch 2 doesn’t live up to its price, and while some elements are basic, they work well.

The Redmi Watch 2 Lite is a square smartwatch variant from a Xiaomi subsidiary that offers a wide range of features for both Android and iPhone users.

However, it is now a bit easier to get into the UK than the US.

In terms of design, they are very similar to the Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite we also tested, but they offer a 41mm matte plastic body with a higher quality 1.5-inch 320×360 TFT display that is generally up to the task. in terms of viewing. angles and responsiveness.

In terms of smartwatch features, you get notifications, the ability to download watch faces, control the music playing on your phone, and view weather updates. While screen interaction has its lags, this is software that is really easy to get to grips with.

When it comes to keeping track of your fitness, there’s a heart rate monitor, blood oxygen monitoring, and GPS support.

It also includes swim tracking and 5ATM water resistance.

If you’re a Strava user, you can also share your workout data with a third party app. You also get something that will simply track steps and monitor sleep, and does so in a pretty reliable way.

Battery life ranges from 10 days with normal use to 5 days with heavy use, and it lived up to those numbers in our tests.

The Redmi Watch 2 Lite really impressed us in our testing, but availability is patchy for US readers. There’s no official release as we’ve seen in the UK/Europe, but sites like Ali Express list a global version with international shipping.