The Main Components of Digital Marketing

Written by Gloria Towolawi
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Today i am going to discuss about major components of Digital Marketing.

Five Components of Digital Marketing

Data analysis.

In fact, it does not matter what specific data and parameters we are analyzing. These can be either their own performance indicators, for example, revenue, profit, turnover.

Data obtained from the outside can also be analyzed, such sources include the Internet, the media, various external databases.

It is worth noting that data analysis should occupy a rather large share of time in the responsibilities of the marketer. There is one elementary reason for this: only with a logical and competent analysis can we build a clear understanding of how and where to develop further, which tasks to solve in the first place, and which ones can be postponed. And any basis, even if the chosen strategy, even if any action at all, will be much simpler, using the data obtained in the course of detailed analysis.

Work with clients is the second main component of digital marketing. By working with clients, I mean not sales and, as such, communication, although not without it. In this section, I mean the satisfaction of the needs and desires of the client.

The client needs to quickly figure out where to buy the necessary goods – please, competent navigation in the sales area, as well as on the company’s website should only facilitate this, but not make it difficult.

The client needed a consultation – competent placement of consultants in the most viewed areas of the sales area. If a client wants to make a choice independently, then the marketing responsibility area is a logical and understandable display of goods on the sales floor, providing the most complete description in the booklets and catalogs of the company.

The client wanted to leave his opinion, of course, it is highly desirable for us to leave it, then all he needs is a compiled questionnaire, a stand with proposals and a complaint book in a prominent place.

In other words, in my understanding, working with a client as one of the main components of marketing is conducting the whole range of activities from creating the first (desirable good) impression to the joy of a new, just purchased purchase.

Business Processes

This is probably one of the most difficult basic components of marketing. These processes are not visible from the side and are hidden from the view of the client. To do this, go backstage digital company.

This block includes logistics, warehouse operations, it is necessary that all goods prepared for sale should fall into the hands of qualified sellers in time and be brought to the customer, so to speak, in all its glory.

Here is the work with the assortment and purchasing managers, so that they go in the right direction. Formation of the range of products presented at the point of sale, its constant updating and preferably, availability

Also in this block there is also work with programmers, who no matter how they can create the report we need, in order to make the analysis easier and more convenient. Yes, yes, all these moments are regulated and decided by the marketer, and on the other hand, who else should take all this on themselves. In general, everything that is hidden from the client, but allows us to sell more from time to time, refers to the work of the marketer.

The Range

The next major component of marketing. Here in general, I think everything is clear. Development, preparation and implementation of an assortment matrix. As mentioned earlier – this is an assistance to category managers in determining the direction of development, in finding new topics for the development of the range, providing analytical reports to make competent and informed decisions on the rotation of the company’s range. This is in the general sense, in more detail on the assortment policy I will describe on other pages of the blog.


This component of marketing can be described as just that, in one word. It seems that everything became immediately clear. Not? Then a little more. By competing as a component of marketing, I mean their constant monitoring and analysis.

In today’s market conditions, competitors are almost everywhere and in order for our business to bring money and be profitable – you need to know the competitors, as they say, in person, you need to be able to predict them and try to understand. In other words, you need to keep a “hand on the pulse” of a competitor, naturally. Otherwise, gape, and devour with giblets. In this regard, we marketers just need to know the competitors – their prices, news, benefits.

However, there are pluses, at least two:

Firstly, for the current company where you work, this is after all an analysis of the market situation as a whole;
Secondly, but this way we become much more useful for our competitors in the event of a change in work.

Naturally, all the listed basic components of marketing are very large, however – this is the basis of the foundations and the reason for the subsequent description. Of course, not all of the marketing components I have cited are the sole fiefdom of the marketer. Some points we can delegate to other employees of the company. However, to know these moments, any good marketer, simply owes, he is good.