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Disappointment: buy Xiaomi Mi 9 will not work

Announcement Xiaomi Mi 9 SE -
Written by Gloria Towolawi
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On February 21, 2019, Xiaomi’s head Lia Tsun said that the mobile device has bought more than 1 million people in China for less than one day. All of them wished among the first to get a novelty in their hands. However, the Chinese corporation was not ready for such a demand for its new flagship, so it has already been redeemed for three batches ahead, which should become available for purchase in the next two weeks.

In practice, this means that buying Xiaomi Mi 9 in China by the end of February will absolutely not work out, and the shortage of this mobile device can be stored until the end of March, or even longer. All this has become a reality because the manufacturing capacities of the Chinese corporation are not limitless, so it can not produce more smartphones per unit time than is possible purely physically. Moreover, Xiaomi is always responsive to the quality of their phones, which are rarely found to be defective.

So, expecting the appearance of the Xiaomi Mi 9 smartphone in the stores in Ukraine before the beginning of April is definitely not worth it, because at first the manufacturer needs to cope with the shortage in the home market, and only then take on others, where the demand for a novelty is also guaranteed to be high. The base model of this phone with 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of permanent memory was estimated by the manufacturer at 3000 yuan. Buying a novelty in Ukraine can be significantly more expensive, but there are no precise price tags.

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