dry ice allowed the Radeon VII graphics card to overclock to almost 2150 MHz per core

Radeon VII graphics card -
Written by Gloria Towolawi
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After we learned that the performance of the Radeon VII graphics card in operations with dual precision is much higher than what AMD said during the announcement, it remains to be considered extreme overclocking.


The well-known overlocker der8auer has decided to test the auto-scroll feature in the graphic driver, as manual overclocking is still complicated by the lack of support from the software.

For cooling, he used dry ice, that is, you can expect even better results with the use of liquid nitrogen.

As a result, it turned out that autosignition works quite well even in the case of extreme overclocking. To be more exact, the frequency of the GPU has been raised to 2149 MHz software, that is, the charge for the reference maximum frequency was almost 350 MHz, which is very good. True, it was a pivot value.

While we can conclude that the Radeon VII is quite well dispersed, so that with the release of normal software can expect a number of different records.