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Google closes the popular service

Google closes the popular service -
Written by Gloria Towolawi
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As it became known, the “search giant” took the final decision to close one very popular service. This is Google Allo, that is, a messenger, which once made a very high bid. Though this software has become popular, millions of people are now using it, but the management has decided it is not enough to allow it to continue working. According to the creators’ plan, he had to replace WhatsApp and Viber with gadgets running Android.

However, nothing like this has happened, so the project Google Allo and it was decided to put a cross, the official representatives of the “search giant” said. This service will be closed to all users already in March 2019, and more precise terms will promise to be announced a few days before the closure. The settings in this app already have a special feature that allows you to download the entire chat history to your interlocutors, if someone needs it.

The Google Allo app came to light in 2016, that is, about three years ago, but to become popular it never succeeded. With this messenger, users can communicate with each other, share files, and make voice calls. All this comes with maximum comfort, and this messenger can be used not only on gadgets running Android, but also on those based on iOS, which is a big plus for fans of the iPhone. In the future, Google promises to launch a new proprietary messenger.

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