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Google continues to get rid of “extra” buttons on Android

Google continues to get rid of extra buttons on Android -
Written by Gloria Towolawi
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The Android 9 Pieit Signing System left much to be desired, but Google does not stand still. Developers from the XDA-Developers community have unveiled yet another innovation of the next version of the Android 10 Q operating system.

In Android 9 Pie, three custom Android buttons have been replaced by two. Although the button for recent applications has disappeared, the “back” button has been saved. Now Google has decided to get rid of it.

The early Android 10 Q build contains a redesigned navigation system. Instead of using the traditional “back” button for Android, the user must make a swipe gesture to the left in the small space below the screen to which the former home button has turned. The assembly also provides a smooth transition between applications when swiping to the right.


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