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Google has added a useful feature to all Android smartphones

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Written by Gloria Towolawi
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On February 13, 2019, the search giant has added a useful feature to all Android-smartphones with the iPhone XS, although it can also be found on other brand-name mobile devices that have been released to the market for several years now. It’s about 3D Touch technology, which recognizes the three power of the screen, ranging from weak to strong. It would seem that such a feature can be implemented on the phones by implementing its support at the software level, because it requires a special display, which is installed on the iPhone XS, but American Google went crazy, which allowed it to add support for this technology to all smartphones based on the operating system Android systems.


A few hours ago, many smartphone owners on Android received a new Google Play app, the software store. At first glance it seems that nothing has changed, but in reality it is a big mistake. From now on, in any app store menu you can apply a finger to the icon of any application, holding it for more than a second, after which the shortcut menu will appear on the screen, which allows you to get basic information about the developer, and, moreover, to execute installation


The contextual menu itself now looks the same as on iOS 12. Google apparently decided to copy the App Store from this option, but in the case of Apple mobile devices, it only works with phones that have 3D Touch support. . In the case of Android-based gadgets, now anyone willing to use this innovation without any restrictions, and this is a very big plus. All you need to do is restore the GP store to the latest version.


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