Google is resurrecting the modular smartphone project

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Written by Gloria Towolawi

At the end of last year, Google filed documents for the registration of a new patent, which was approved only at the beginning of the current calendar year.

The patent describes a modular mobile device (Modular Device) that allows you to connect various components to it using magnetic fasteners. We are talking about the possibility of connecting displays, including the main and additional, different memory modules, front and main cameras, batteries, as well as other modules.

If it seems to you that you’ve heard it somewhere, then it is. All this is very similar to the Google Project Ara modular smartphone project, which was close to the release, but eventually canceled by the manufacturer in 2016.

The fact of the registration of a new patent indicates that Google has not abandoned the idea of ​​issuing such a smartphone. Perhaps it will be presented and released this year.