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Google Pixel 4 has got the most awaited feature
Written by Gloria Towolawi
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Just yesterday, developers from the XDA forum found in the open source open source Android Open Source that the flagship smartphone top-level Google Pixel 4 has received the most long-awaited feature, which will positively affect its popularity around the world, including on the territory of Ukraine. It’s no secret that at the moment, literally, all the phones based on the “green robot” have the support of simultaneous work with two SIM-cards, which is even capable of Pixel 3, but it is a big nuance.


The fact is that last year’s Pixel 3 has only a slot for a single SIM card, while the second one is virtual under the name eSIM, and these do not work in Ukraine and many other regions of the world. Apparently, the search giant’s leadership is finally clear, so the novelty in the face of Google Pixel 4 will be able to please all customers with a slot to install two SIM cards right away.


Due to this, users of the new flagship will be able to use it immediately with two different phone numbers, and not one, if there is no eSIM support in the country. At the same time, a digital electronic SIM card is also likely to be rejected. In this case, the slot for installing a SIM card in Google Pixel 4 will not be combined, so installing a mobile memory card of any volume in any way will not work out. The official presentation of the novelty will take place in October 2019, and work it directly from the box will be based on the operating system Android 10.0 Q.


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