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Google Play has infiltrated a trojan that kills the Android smartphone battery

Google Play has infiltrated a trojan -
Written by Gloria Towolawi
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Google Play has infiltrated a trojan that kills the Android smartphone battery


About the vulnerability of Android-smartphones in front of all kinds of viruses and trojans can be legends. It does not seem like a week and we do not let you know about the new danger that the owners of devices running the operating system from Google are exposed. This time the subject of our discussion will be the trojan Andr / Clickr-AD from the Google Play product line, which activity leads to premature discharging of infected gadgets.


Andr / Clickr-AD is another clicker that, although it does not steal user data and does not attempt to capture the financial savings of its victims, has a negative impact on the work of infected devices. Permanent activity of the trojan, in the background, clicks on advertisements, leads to reduced autonomy and premature wear of the battery, which can not rest either day or night.


How Android-Trojan works?


According to Sophos Labs experts, Andr / Clickr-AD is being distributed through Google Play. Troyan hid in more than 20 applications to optimize the battery life, clean the RAM, increase CPU performance and other utilities, but it attracts users to functionality. Such versatility has led to a colossal spread and actual infection of more than 2 million devices.


How to remove Android Trojan


If you notice that your device has been discharged too quickly after installing one or another application, the only way to get rid of a trojan like Andr / Clickr-AD will be rolling back to factory settings. This action will remove all data from the memory of the infected device, but it will almost certainly help you get rid of malicious software and restore the device to a previous battery life. Because of the negative effects of this method, we strongly recommend not using it in trivia.

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