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Google released a new operating system

fuchsia -
Written by Gloria Towolawi
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Google released a new operating system instead of Android


Just hours ago, Google added the AOSP code for the Android operating system to support the firmware suite for the new OS. Due to this now, all programs created under Fuchsia OS will be able to fully work on new versions of the “green robot”. Thus, the American corporation, in essence, has released a new software for smartphones and tablets, having made it instead of the old one.


The AOSP database, which has open source code, managed to find out about a device called Fuchsia OS, but uses some of Android’s functionality. All this suggests that Google is really going to get rid of the “green robot”, which has been spent on the creation and improvement of more than 10 years. It should happen in a few years, of which, of course, they are communicated to the public.


The Fuchsia OS will be able to replace Android only if it receives support for all older applications, because only one unit will want to use it without them. That’s why right now, when the new OS is only under development, Google added a “green robot” support for the SDK developer package, which allows you to create software for two platforms at once. This is a very big step, which proves the company’s desire to transfer all mobile devices in the future to the new platform.


According to American media, Fuchsia OS will be able to completely replace Android, Chrome OS and many other Google operating systems, including those for televisions. The whole secret is that the new OS has a modular structure, so it can work perfectly even on smart-watches, not to mention something more powerful.

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