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Google released a new OS for smartphones, Android killer
Written by Gloria Towolawi
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Currently, all the smartphones in the world, besides Apple’s smartphones, have Android OS installed, but it will soon come to an end, because it has exhausted its potential as Google’s sure leadership. Though the “search giant” continues to make the “green robot” the best every day, however, nobody even doubts that this operating system has no place in the future. That is why for the third year in a row the number of innovations in fresh collections of software is shrinking.

As it became known from the authoritative publication Bloomberg , which links to its sources inside Google, the company finally decided to release a new OS for smartphones, tablets, smart-watches, laptops, TVs and other electronic devices. This is the real “killer” Android, which will be released in the first test assemblies already in 2021, when everyone will be able to install it on their electronic devices. Third-party manufacturers will be able to release different products at the base of the new operating system by the end of 2023.

The newest operating system is called Fuchsia OS, and is unique in that it has a modern modular structure. This time, Google did not start using the Linux kernel or go other ways. The company has created a new OS from a clean sheet, which is its enormous achievement. In this case, this software is created in such a way that it lasts at least 15 to 20 years after the release. That is why, along with the regular interface, a full-fledged voice control is implemented, which can perform exactly the same actions as usual. Thus, the Android killer in the face of Fuchsia OS will emerge already in 2023, that is, in a few years. It is possible that soon Google will publicly announce it so that there are no rumors on the network in this regard.

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