Google will be releasing fitness bracelets and smart watches

Google is experimenting with a dark theme in Chrome on smartphones -
Written by Gloria Towolawi

Google has a lot of solutions in its portfolio – from smartphones to smart speakers. However, with such devices such as fitness trackers it has not happened yet: from such accessories there are only headphones Pixel Buds, which can hardly be called a successful product. But soon everything can change.


On the job vacancies site Google, there was a search announcement, or not many, or a few – vice president who will be responsible for portable devices. Requirements to the seeker are relevant: a bachelor degree in mechanical engineering or electrical engineering, 15 years of experience in the development of user electronic devices, 12 years of experience in the creation and production of electronic devices by own production and contract manufacturers, experience in hardware engineering. And this is minimal!

In short, Google is looking for an experienced person who could lead the whole direction. And this, of course, is not about the release of another product, such as Pixel Buds. The company is clearly thinking about conquering the market of devices that can be worn on the body, which means that after some time we will see both fitness bracelets and smart clocks of Google.