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Hire PHP Developer or Programmer in Texas/California

What is PHP?


The abbreviation comes from English – Hypertext Preprocessor. This is a scripting language with which scripts for web applications are written. It originated in 1995, the main task was to generate pages in html. Has absorbed much of Perl. The language is interpreted, which means that its work does not require compilation, the result of execution can be seen immediately after execution. The threshold for entering a language is low, but this does not mean that without knowledge of mathematics, algorithms can quickly become a successful php developer or programmer in Texas/california.


What should a PHP developer or Programmer know?


PHP needs to have knowledge in the following areas:


  • be able to use ajax
  • be able to optimize code
  • programming patterns, understanding which patterns are for which tasks
  • database architecture, data normalization, ability to write nested queries
  • efficiently distribute the load
  • use tools effectively
  • provide code flexibility
  • Compliance with generally accepted code writing standards (PSR)
  • know and be able to use at least several frameworks
  • use composer
  • ability to write auto tests
  • knowledge html, javascript (jquery), css

Indeed, the amount of knowledge of a php developer or Programmer is large enough, but the entire list is really necessary, since for good results it is not enough to write PHP code.

PHP developer or Programmer makes it possible to work on the project for all participants, in fact, the main task is to make a convenient interface for the layout designer, customer, SEO specialist, marketer, etc.


What can i do?


  • Code Analysis
  • Development & Database Optimisation
  • Testing
  • Maintenance


Experience with Duties


Am responsible for creating and implementing an array of Web-based products using PHP, MySQL, Ajax, and JavaScript. Am develop back-end components, connect the application with other web services, and assist front-end developers by ensuring their work integrates with the application. Also, am able to develop and integrate plug-ins for popular frameworks.

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