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How to Choose a good Orient Watch?

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Written by Gloria Towolawi
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To choose the right watch, you have to know what you want. You need to know what kind of watches you want and for what price, so the choice will be easy to make. If you have no idea which watch to choose, we invite you to continue reading this article. In the following we will explain in detail some criteria to follow to choose the right watch. Let’s take a look at these criteria.

Design is most important when buying any watch, especially for analog watches that don’t have multiple features. So the choice of design is completely up to you what you like, it’s a matter of taste. Generally, it’s the design that attracts us to a watch, then we try to discover its characteristics to find out if it’s the right one. We still advise you to choose a simple watch, so you will have the possibility of wearing it with several outfits. A simple and elegant watch would be much more interesting.

The strength of the watch is as important as its design. It is important to choose a good watch, but it is even more interesting to choose a nice solid watch. When choosing your watch, try to choose a watch made of stainless steel, since this material is known to be very strong and resistant to drops. Also try to choose a waterproof watch that you can wear even while swimming or showering. A drop and water resistant and much more interesting watch.

The cost of the watch depends on its quality and range. High-end watches are the most expensive, but the most efficient. Then come those of the mid-range, they are less expensive and less efficient and finally those of the low range. They are the least expensive and the least efficient. So the price of your watch varies depending on the range you plan to choose. Try to make your purchase during promotion periods, so you will have a chance to have a high-performance watch for a price that is not very high.

How to use an Orient watch?
Watches with an analog display are not really used, they are worn above all, especially since they have no particular functions that require know-how. We are still going to give you some tips for using these watches. So we are going to how to change the bracelet of a watch with interchangeable bracelet, how to adjust these watches and how to change the battery of these watches. It can be very helpful to you when using these watches, especially for a person who is unfamiliar with them.

The change of the bracelet
This operation only concerns watches that come with an interchangeable strap. For normal watches, avoid doing this operation at the risk of ending up with a watch without a strap. Because once your bracelet is removed, you can no longer put it back on or change it. So to change the strap of your watch, simply remove it from both sides by removing the two bars that hold it together with the case. Once the old bracelet is removed, all you have to do is place the new one and secure it with the bars.

The adjustment of watches with analog display is done manually, it is a very simple operation that you can carry out yourself. In fact, these watches come with a setting button, or several in some cases. So to set your watch, just pull the knob out until it can turn either way. Then turn it in the direction that suits you until the hands of the watch are in the right place. Once the time has been set, don’t forget to put the button back in its place by pushing it inwards. It is important to do this step otherwise the button will continue to spin, and your watch will continue to adjust itself.

Change the battery
This is something you need to be aware of since you will be faced with changing the battery in your watch several times. It is not a difficult operation, you can do it at home. You will therefore need a small screwdriver and a battery of the same type as that of your watch. So start by removing the outer shell of the watch using the screwdriver. Also remove the cover that protects the components of the watch to access the battery. Once the cover has been removed, all you have to do is remove the battery and replace it with the new one, then replace the cover and the outer shell using the screwdriver, and secure it. And you will have finished changing the battery of your watch.

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