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Huawei again set an incredible record

Huawei again set an incredible record -
Written by Gloria Towolawi

Huawei again set an incredible record


China’s Huawei Corporation said five years ago that it was going to take the first place in the world for the sale of mobile devices, but at the same time it did not cause large companies, such as Samsung and Apple, nothing but laugh. However, they underestimated their Chinese rival, who set a crazy record, and so big that it even shocked the brand’s leadership, because it was not expected that the corporation would be able to achieve such results.

So, in particular, since the beginning of this year, Huawei has sold more than 200 million branded smartphones. This figure also includes models released to the market using the trademark Honor. By comparison, in 2011, that is, seven years ago, the corporation managed to realize in total 12 times in 10 times fewer phones, namely, only 20 million units. If we talk about the last 2017, then sales were 153 million copies.

Huawei budget smartphones, which cost less than $ 250, are most in demand, but many buyers also buy flagship models. So, for example, since the announcement in the first half of 2018, smartphones from the P20 line managed to sell them in circulation of more than 16 million pieces, and over the past two months, buyers have bought more than 5 million copies of phones from the Mate 20. It all speaks of that the products of this manufacturer are bought not only by those who do not have enough money for Samsung or Apple.

The company does not specify how much of the total sales fell to the Chinese market, but there is no doubt that at least 50% of all phones sold were sold in the Chinese territory, where Huawei products are in high demand for a number of reasons. According to the brand, the Honor 10 has become one of the most successful flagships in 2018 among all those who have entered the market. No specific figures are given, but there are probably some reasons for such conclusions in the company.