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Huawei will build smart watches with smart glasses

Huawei will build smart watches with smart glasses -
Written by Gloria Towolawi
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The executive director of Huawei Devices, Richard Yu, said in a recent CNBC interview that the company is working on an add-on reality glasses that can exchange information with a smartphone.

The fresh patent, registered by Huawei, says that the company is also working on glasses of added reality, which will be built smart clocks, and the latter, in turn, will have a connection with a smartphone.

The device, the information on which appears on the site of the World Intellectual Property Organization is under the working name Eyeglass Frame.

Glasses themselves do not have a camera, a screen or a microphone. In order for them to become smart, you need to use a smart watch. The content displayed on the clock screen is transmitted to the eyes of users using the mirror. The device supports music playback, network information search, and more.

Richard Yu confirmed that the headset of the augmented reality will be released at the end of this or at the beginning of next year.

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