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In China, you can already order Xiaomi Mi 9 for $ 600

In China, you can already order Xiaomi Mi 9 for $ 600 -
Written by Gloria Towolawi
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The head of Xiaomi, Lei Jun, promised that the new flagship Mi 9 would not be cheap. The device, in comparison with Mi 8, will rise in price considerably, about $ 150. But the cost of the product model is still supplemented by the premium of various online retailers reselling, and as a result, we get a price of $ 600 for the basic version of the model with 6 GB of RAM and a total of 64 GB of built-in flash memory .

And for this money there is no exclusive color such as blue or pink – only strict black. The second option, put up for sale, has 8GB of RAM, 128GB of built-in flash memory and all the same black performance. For him ask for $ 700. The deadline for order execution in both cases is the same – the end of March.

Need to say that other versions of the model will be even more expensive? And the price of the top-end variant with 12 GB of RAM in real retail sales can easily go to the mark of $ 1000

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