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In no way do not buy the Samsung Galaxy S10 on a sales date
Written by Gloria Towolawi
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As early as February 20, 2019, the official presentation of the Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphone will take place, which should enter the market in three versions, which differ in price and many other features. Sales of this top-level phone will begin on March 8th, that is, just over two weeks after the announcement. On the same day, new people will be able to buy a new Europe, Ukraine, as well as a huge number of other countries.


Though the South Korean corporation promises to give valuable gifts to those who buy a novelty, but it should not be bought. This is due to the fact that the Samsung Galaxy S10 will quickly fall in price, becoming at least 20 to 25% cheaper in a month after its appearance on the shelves of stores.


It is clear to me that in order to save money in any case, you can not buy the Samsung Galaxy S10 at the start of sales, because it is a vain overpayment of money. Of course, at an overpriced price, official sales outlets in Ukraine will sell this smartphone for a long time, but on the “gray” market it will be much cheaper to buy almost immediately after the start of sales. Pricing for a mobile device under the flagship version with 12 GB of operative and 1 TB of internal memory will reach, so waiting for a period of time after the start of sales will save a huge amount of money.


How fast the Samsung Galaxy S10 falls in price is directly dependent on the demand of not it. He is unlikely to be high in Ukraine due to the high price, which means that the stores will have to make the flagship cheaper and cheaper every day, because there is also a strong competition in the market. The main thing to understand and take into account is that when buying this phone in the “gray” market, it will not be subject to an official guarantee, and whether it is worth it to overpay a significant amount of money – a personal business of everyone.

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