Incredible Demand: Xiaomi Mi 9 impressed millions of buyers

Incredible Demand Xiaomi Mi 9 impressed millions of buyers -
Written by Gloria Towolawi
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On February 20, 2019, the official announcement of the flagship smartphone Xiaomi Mi 9, which received topical technical equipment and some other features, seems to support the latest technology. If it was recently reported that buyers of this phone will be able to only in the second half of March, then today there were completely different information. The fact is that the first buyers will get this device already in the next Friday, and to place an order on it became possible immediately after the presentation of the end.

The base version of Xiaomi Mi 9 with 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of RAM is estimated at $ 446. At such a price, you can buy it at the official online manufacturer store in China. In order to place an order on the phone, you must immediately pay a down payment of $ 15, and the rest of the amount will need to be paid at the moment the smartphone gets into their hands. Immediately after starting to collect preliminary orders for the novelty, it almost instantly disappeared from the sale.

In less than a minute, the fans redeemed the entire first Xiaomi Mi 9, and the second will only be released by the end of this week, but it will also be bought out lightly fast. All this means that this flagship has taken off the minds of millions of buyers who dream of buying it among the first. The mobile device is enjoying spectacular demand in China, and there is nothing strange about it. This is not only the most powerful smartphone in the world, but also the most advanced in terms of technical equipment and support of various technologies.