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Incredible Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite: flat screen, fingerprint scanner side by side and other features

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Written by Gloria Towolawi
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December 9, 2018, insiders have revealed a lot of information about the upcoming novelty. It is reported that it will go on sale simultaneously with more advanced models of the flagship, while receiving advanced technical equipment, but losing a number of cutting-edge technologies and engineering solutions. For example, the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite is equipped with a fingerprint scanner sideways, so using it will not be as convenient as the built-in fingerprint module in the display in more advanced models of South Korean premium phone. Another feature of the phone is a flat Super AMOLED display. These have not been used in leading brand phones since the launch of the Galaxy S7, which has become the latest gadget with such a feature.


Apparently, Samsung gets a lot of negative reviews from flat panel fans, so she decided to introduce and launch a model without an idle display on the sides. Judging by the images published online, there is every reason to believe that the future novelty will be very compact, so it is hoped that it will be possible to use it with one hand. The body of the phone will be made of glass, and the device will boast of the support of the technology of wireless charging according to the standard Qi.


The flagship Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite, among other things, will boast of USB Type-C jacks, and 3.5mm to connect headphones, as well as a dual core camera on the back cover. A separate button will be launched to launch the Bixby Voice Assistant, but within the firmware One UI users will be able to assign to it some other actions, such as starting a camera or starting a modem mode (using third-party software).


The information on the cost of Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite has not yet been received.

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