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Instant coffee causes cancer

Instant coffee causes cancer -
Written by Gloria Towolawi
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American scientists and physicians believe that the main danger in this beverage is the chemical compound of acrylamide, which provokes oncological diseases. It is formed by heat treatment in the process of preparing a soluble coffee.
Acrylamide is a dangerous carcinogen that can provoke vascular disease and many other serious illnesses. Experiments with him showed that in rodents who were using water with the addition of this substance, in most cases, the development of severe oncological diseases was provoked.

Human rights advocates of the United States intend to achieve the official adoption of the law on the labeling of dangerous products in coffee machines. In this case, in particular, owners of car washes and refueling cars will be obliged to mark automatic warning labels about the presence of chemical components that cause cancer in a soluble drink, ScienceAlert reports.

However, coffee is recognized by scientists as an effective means of preventing and combating a variety of diseases. So, people who eat three or more cups of natural coffee per day are less likely to die from heart disease. In addition, caverns are much less likely to suffer from depression and mental disorders.

Previously, scientists have shown that such a number of drinks prolong life with patients with hepatitis and HIV. Experts believe that it has the property of an anti-inflammatory agent for the human liver, inhibits the production of enzymes and eliminates resistance to insulin.

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