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iPhone 11 featured on video: triple camera, new screen and other features

iPhone 11 featured on video triple camera, new screen and other features -
Written by Gloria Towolawi
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Apple, in the second half of last 2018, introduced the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR smartphones to the public, but their sales were not as big as analysts and employees of the “apple” corporation themselves expected. Blame for everything, according to buyers and brand fans, have become too much inflated price tags, especially against the background of products from manufacturers in China, gadgets which offer similar opportunities, or not twice as cheap. The novelty in the face of the iPhone 11 should save the situation.

As journalists become more sophisticated and experienced every year, on January 27, 2019, a video was posted on the network that lets you take a look at the iPhone 11, which can also eventually get the name of the iPhone XI. The creator of the video claims that this is how the future novelty will look when it comes to sales. Also, the source called the key features that will please buyers of the new product “apple” corporation. Its official presentation is expected in mid-September, that is, it will take place somewhere in 8 – 9 months.

As the insider, who showed the iPhone 11 on video, assures that the mobile device will receive a triple main camera, which will allow the use of 5x hybrid zoom with virtually no loss of quality. In addition, the novelty will boast a full-fledged face 3D face scanner, but the second generation, which works much faster and more efficiently with smaller dimensions. For charging the new flagship Apple will use the USB Type-C interface, and the usual 3.5 mm jack to connect the headphones on this phone absolutely does not appear.

The iPhone 11 case will be made of surgical steel and tempered glass of the latest generation, which will accommodate an induction coil, capable of receiving a current up to 12 W inclusive. One of the main features of the new Apple smartphone will be its next-generation OLED screen, boasting a 120Hz update frequency, but will only be included in some applications and only when it’s really needed. Also, the new product should receive a third-generation Touch ID fingerprint reader built into the display.

Fans of red Apple smartphones are guaranteed to be satisfied that from the first day of the first sale on sale, the iPhone XI will be red in color RED Edition. Unfortunately, no information about how much this device costs, but it will definitely come out in two versions, differing in size and capacity of the battery.

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