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IPhone SE Stocks Ended Almost Immediately After The Sale Began

IPhone SE Stocks Ended -
Written by Gloria Towolawi
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IPhone SE Stocks For $ 250 Ended Almost Immediately After The Sale Began


We recently announced that Apple has launched a popular iPhone SE smartphone, pricing just $ 250 for a version ($ 7,000), equipped with 32GB of flash memory.

However, literally, a few hours after the start of sales on the official website of Apple’s online store, there was information that buying an iPhone SE is no longer possible. There is no version with 32 GB of flash memory, nor the older one, which has 128 GB of flash memory. The last one was offered for $ 300.

At the moment, it’s unknown whether a new batch of smartphones is expected, or it was a one-off campaign to clear stockpiles. Representatives of Apple do not make official statements on this subject.

Recall, Apple stopped selling the iPhone SE with iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus and iPhone X last September after the announcement of the current generation of iPhone. In November, the company restored production of the iPhone X.

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