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Lenovo claims that Xiaomi was not the first to show a smartphone with a screen bending in several places

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Written by Gloria Towolawi
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A few days ago, Xiaomi showed the prototype of the device, which it called the world’s first smartphone, which consists of two places.

Xiaomi’s official president Lin Bin said the company has already addressed a number of technological issues while creating the device, adding that it still needs to deal with such important issues as the strength and durability of such a solution.

However, Lenovo publicly criticized Xiaomi, stating that once Xiaomi is not yet ready to present a commercial solution, but only demonstrates a prototype, then its statements about the uniqueness of such a device and the fact that it is the first and only one of its kind is genuine a deception

Lenovo reminds that more than two years ago, in the west of Lenovo Tech World 2016, San Francisco was shown a prototype smartphone with a flexible screen that could be put on hand and worn as a bracelet or smart watch.

At the same event, the first tablet with a bending screen was announced, but so far no company has presented a ready-made device that would appear on store shelves. The Royole FlexPai device should not be taken into account, since the apparent desire of a little-known company to find out about itself without sufficient reason was revealed here, since its first smartphone with a flexible screen was very inadequate

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