Main features of the Xiaomi Mi 9 impressed everyone

Prototype of flagship smartphone Xiaomi Mi 9 -
Written by Gloria Towolawi

A few days ago, the management of the Chinese corporation Xiaomi announced that the brand’s new flagship will be the best smartphone in 2019, surpassing its competitors literally in everything. Apparently, this is really true, but it was possible to know about it on February 16. The brand management has put into the network a number of details about the features of the novelty in the person of Xiaomi Mi 9, which absolutely definitely will overthrow everyone in shock. It was decided to do this shortly before the presentation, which will be held in China four days later – on February 20.


It was found out that the Xiaomi Mi 9 smartphone is equipped with a triple main camera, which consists of three models. One of them has 48 Mp, and the other has 12 Mp, and it is designed to support the 2-fold optical zoom, and, moreover, to create the effect of blurring the back background. In addition, the novelty is equipped with a 16 megapixel wide-angle camera, which will allow you to take photos with an angle of view of as much as 117 degrees, which will allow you to get a great perspective for the photo even at a short distance from any object.


As for the front camera, Xiaomi Mi 9 will receive 20 Mp, and it will support all kinds of machine learning for the best quality of the Celph. Another incredible feature of the novelty will be the support of Qi wireless charging technology, and, according to official data, with a capacity of as much as 15 W, and this is absolutely absolutely everyone will be satisfied. For comparison, the iPhone XS can not charge in this way with power above 10 Watts.


It is also known that Xiaomi Mi 9 will boast the world’s most powerful processor, which will make the novel “the most powerful smartphone on the planet,” wrote one of the founders of Xiaomi Wen Chuan in the Weibo social network. All the secrets of the brand’s new flagship will be revealed on February 20, 2019, when its official presentation will take place, and it will be held in China. Thus, the novelty will definitely be able to get the title of the best in the world of the smartphone, especially considering that the purchase of Samsung Galaxy S10 will be twice as expensive, and the opportunities it offers significantly less.