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Millions of Xbox One consoles have been hacked around the world

Xbox One consoles -
Written by Gloria Towolawi
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Unfortunately, employees of Microsoft never differed in their ability to do everything quickly and efficiently. January 31, 2019, it was just a terrible thing in all respects – millions of Xbox One consoles have broken around the world. This became possible due to the fact that all of them should be necessarily connected to the Internet, through which they received some signal, which led them to fail. The problem itself arose on January 30, in some regions of the world, including the United States, it’s just a day – it should be remembered.

The problem, fortunately, did not affect absolutely all owners of the Xbox One, but very many. According to preliminary data, it’s about millions of failed consoles. One of the famous gamers who has their own YouTube channel, suffered from the problem among the first and posted a video showing the whole essence of the problem. Fortunately, the prefix is ​​very easy to repair, and the essence of the problem in most cases is that immediately after turning on the TV or monitor screen can only see a black image.

To solve this problem, it’s enough to reboot the Xbox One game console. Of course, such an event can not be described as catastrophic, but it is guaranteed to negatively affect the reputation of Microsoft. Affected by the problem only users who installed the latest and fresh software, along with the entry into the Xbox One service. If the reboot does not help – you need to disable the prefix from the global network, after which it will turn on and it can be reused.

Most likely, the Xbox Live service experienced some kind of failure that touched all users, including from Ukraine. To the joy of millions of owners of the Xbox One set-top box, including the flagship X, managed to escape the slightest fright, because the first thing a user thinks about when a black screen appears when the console is turned on – a breakdown. However, the overwhelming majority of the victims helped restart, while others managed to solve the problem by removing the internet cable from the console.

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