New details about Apple AirPods 2 and AirPower

new AirPods in 2020 -
Written by Gloria Towolawi
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On the Net, from time to time pops up details about the wireless headphones Apple AirPods 2 and wireless charging AirPower. And this time the source has published a bunch of interesting details, and now even the cost of new solutions is being discussed.


Let’s start with AirPods 2. It is reported that the headphones will receive another case, which will increase the amount of low frequencies. And there will be a new cover of the case, more tenacious. Interestingly, this is the promised cover for the top-end version of the iPhone XI smartphone, and a new wireless charging case for AirPods of the first generation.

AirPods 2 will receive more sensors, including a heart rate monitor. The battery life of the headphones is unlikely to change as the battery capacity remains the same, but the price will increase and reach $ 200. AirPods 2 will be offered in white and black colors.


Now about AirPower’s wireless charging. It will come out in the spring, accompanied by the above-mentioned cover for wireless charging of the first-generation AirPods headphones. The charge will be a bit thicker than expected, and will offer “some exclusive features”, but their support will only be realized on iOS 13. AirPower will come out in the spring and will cost about $ 150.