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New iPhone and iPad will get a sub-display fingerprint sensor

Apple fingerprint sensor -
Written by Gloria Towolawi
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According to Apple, citing sources from the supply chain of Apple, there will be a lot of changes in the iPhone’s new smartphone.


First, it’s about a new design that will allow it to stand out against the background of the iPhone X and iPhone XS. Secondly, the new Apple will be equipped with a sub-screen fingerprint scanner.


Already, Apple is testing sub-display fingerprint scanners offered by such suppliers as O-film, General Interface Solution and TPK Holding. These are ultrasonic fingerprint sensors.


It is also reported that the new iPad, which will be released next year before the iPhone (2019), will be the first to receive a fingerprint sensor located below the screen surface.


As a reminder, a sub-screen fingerprint reader should appear on the Samsung Galaxy S10, which is expected to be released in March next year.

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