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New Samsung Galaxy A smartphones will be quite affordable

Samsung Galaxy A smartphones -
Written by Gloria Towolawi
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Samsung has long been a leader in the smartphone market in India, but has recently been shifted by Xiaomi.

One might think that the Korean giant did not return to Olympus, but Samsung successfully launched a new line of Galaxy M, which has already become a bestseller. Soon, the company will bring to market and the updated line Galaxy A, which also puts great hopes.

More precisely, according to a source, Samsung expects this line to bring $ 4 billion in revenue this year to India alone. The company intends to announce one new Galaxy A smartphone every month from March to June. Judging by the context, they all, like the Galaxy M, will first debute in India, and then they will appear in other countries, but this is not exactly the case. By the way, let’s remind you, the Galaxy M20 is already being prepared for sale in Europe.

Also, the company told about the prices. Smartphones Galaxy A will cost from 140 to 700 dollars (from 3800 to 19000 hryvnia). That is, the rumors of the Galaxy A10 for $ 110 were expected to be erroneous.

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