New Start menu in Windows 10 has hit all users

The main feature of Windows 10 officially failed
Written by Gloria Towolawi

On February 11, 2019, developers have distributed a new build of Windows 10 that has a version number 19H2. This operating system includes a new Start menu, which completely got rid of the hated by many “living tiles”. Now, the user sees only application lists in alphabetical order, the most popular programs and games, the search bar at the top, and the list of recent files opened on the computer.


The completely new Start menu in Windows 10 dropped everyone into shock, because nobody could imagine that the latest software would look so beautiful and stylish. When it comes out the stable final assembly of 19H2 is not yet known, but there are rumors about what will happen this fall of 2019. If this is true, then waiting for such an innovation from Microsoft will have more than six months, and the update itself will see the world only in October-November.


Together with this new menu, developers are about to redesign many standard application icons so that the whole Windows 10 operating system looks more attractive. It is important and you need to understand that the assembly 19H2 is only test, so before the final release, the entire appearance of the interface can greatly change at the discretion of developers from Microsoft. Of course, the new Start menu will be fully compatible with the dark theme of the design, as well as with the light, whose support has appeared in “vindi” quite recently.