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New Xiaomi smartphone is much better than the Samsung Galaxy S10

Xiaomi Mi 8 Fell To A Record Low -
Written by Gloria Towolawi
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Within a few weeks, the official presentation of the flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy S10 will be held, and attributed to it the latest technical equipment, including a built-in display fingerprint reader. In this phone, the company decided to implement all the latest technology and engineering solutions, but the Chinese brands have already managed to bypass it. So, for example, the new Xiaomi smartphone, which already exists as a prototype, is much better than the South Korean corporation’s product.


On February 9, 2019, official announcements came out that Xiaomi has successfully patented a new smartphone that has a curved screen on all four sides. For comparison, in the Samsung Galaxy S10 the bend is only on the sides, and from the top and bottom you can see the indents. In the case of a new flagship from the Chinese corporation, the display occupies 99% of the area on the front, that is, the entire space. There are currently no phones on the market that could boast such a feature.


Due to the curved screen on all four sides, the new Xiaomi smartphone looks just incredible, but now it exists as a prototype. It is expected that such a device can be introduced and launched in the fall of 2019, but it will be a significant shortcoming for many. Since the screen from the Chinese brand occupies 99% of the area on the front, it does not have any cutouts and openings under the front camera, and the case itself is integral, that is, it does not put anything out of it. This way, this phone will be deprived of the front camera.


That is why the back cover of the new Xiaomi brand, though it will be glass, will have a mirror effect. Due to this, users will at least somehow compensate for the lack of a front camera, having the opportunity to see their face during a call to the main camera, which turns out to be double. The novelty, which is much better than the Samsung Galaxy S10, will become an experimental smartphone, which in 2016 became the first Mi Mix. If the device will have to please, the company-manufacturer will absolutely solve the issue with the front camera and will work on improvement in all respects.

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