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Next generation iPhone smartphones will be shipped with a weak charger

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Written by Gloria Towolawi
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The current generation of Apple smartphones, like the previous one, supports fast charging technology. However, even with the incredibly expensive iPhone XS Max, which in some markets can reach prices of up to $ 2,000 (UAH 54,000), the package comes with a standard 5W battery charger. Of course, with this new IPhone, the iPhone is outsider charging time.


And what would be possible to use the feature that is in the new iPhone, you need to buy an expensive enough charger from the MacBook, which, moreover, is heavy and heavy.

It would seem that Apple’s current problems have already led the company to review its pricing policies in a number of countries. Against this backdrop, it would have been possible to assume that Apple will decide on even more minor questions regarding overpriced prices and greed.


But the source claims that with the new iPhone, which will come out in the fall, will be supplied with all the same 5W battery charger. Of course, this data is yet to be verified, and it’s time to rethink Apple. However, if that’s the case, users are unlikely to be happy.

The source also says that the upcoming iPhone will not receive a USB-C port and will remain with Lightning.

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