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One Plus has become top five premium smartphone market

OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition -
Written by Gloria Towolawi
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OnePlus has not been introduced to the US market until recently, when it comes to carrier devices. The US smartphone market is formed in such a way that a meager proportion of devices are sold by operators, but recently the situation is gradually changing.


According to the source, referring to IDC data, OnePlus ranked fifth in the US market in the premium smartphone segment last quarter.


Unfortunately, there is no exact sales data, as there is no other part of the list of leaders. It is noted only that under the bonus is meant the segment of smartphones worth more than $ 500. It is safe to say that Apple is on the first place, while Samsung is on the second. What other companies are in the top five, you can only guess.

Considering that Google Pixel showed the most growth in the US market, perhaps the search giant is in the third or fourth position.

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