OPPO has accused Huawei of copying a flexible smartphone

OPPO has accused Huawei of copying a flexible smartphone -
Written by Gloria Towolawi

In the “arms race” among the manufacturers of smartphones plays an important role in the presentation of the innovative device. All subsequent models will be secretly considered clones and imitators regardless of who originally designed the design or the technology first. As it turned out, OPPO did not get this state of affairs – after the announcement, the Huawei Mate X company said that the idea of ​​creating a flagship design belongs to it.

Earlier, their variants of a flexible smartphone have already been presented by Samsung and Huawei. The Korean gadget is offering a full-sized display inside the design, giving the owner a smaller support screen for working in the smartphone mode.

Huawei, by contrast, uses a single large display, bending both sides outward, which makes the design a bit easier.

According to vice president of OPPO Global Brian Shen, the unpopular OPPO gadget is created in a similar form factor to the Huawei Mate X, including a peculiar performance on the case, the location of cameras and the location of the brand logo.

Shen said that the company was planning to present its device before a competitor, but at the last moment it was decided to postpone the announcement and focus on technology 10x magnification and forthcoming 5G device. He assures that the very Huawei smartphone should be considered a copy of the model from OPPO.