Pikiu is the new single-chip Huawei smartphone platform

Written by Gloria Towolawi

The Kirin single-chip platform is known to many who, at least remotely interested in the theme of smartphones. It is under this brand that the world’s first single-chip smartphone system has been released, with the technology of 7 nm. But in the future, another SoC-Pikiu line may appear on Huawei.


This is evidenced by data from the European Union Patent Office (EUIPO) – January 31, Huawei registered the Pikiu trademark, which was assigned the ninth category. This category includes “chips and chipsets for tablets, smartphones, displays, modems, smart clocks and other means of communication.”


So far, there are no details about Pikiu, but we can assume that this line is not as advanced as Kirin and will be designed for models of the primary and secondary levels, as well as smart clocks. Some Huawei budget models use SoC Qualcomm and MediaTek – and they could just replace Pikiu single-chip systems.