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Released iOS 12 jailbreak for iPhone and iPad

iOS 12 jailbreak -
Written by Gloria Towolawi
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Released iOS 12 jailbreak for iPhone and iPad


In recent years, the iOS operating system has received support for new features and features that make it hard for most people to uninstall jailbreak devices. However, lovers of free installing paid games and apps still dream of installing it. They finally got this opportunity, because on Jan. 2, 2019, the iOS 12 jailbreak for the iPhone and iPad was released, as many media reported.

As early as several hours around the world, the news is that jailbreak can now be installed on the iPhone and iPad running on any iOS 12 build. Due to this you will be able to install any tweaks from Cydia, as well as free use of any paid software. A utility that allows you to hack a mobile device or tablet computer is distributed on behalf of the hacker Pwn20wnd, as well as a number of others.

However, unfortunately, the special exploit for iOS 12 is no more than just malware, a Pwn20wnd hacker said. According to him, he did not release any programs that would break the iPhone and iPad based on the latest operating system. Similar information has already been reported by some other developers who allegedly were linked to the release of the jailbreak, which allows you to install the Cydia store.

Therefore, it’s still not possible to install jailbreaks on iOS 12, and the latest OS that can be cracked is iOS 11.4 beta 3, released in the first half of last year. Why did someone need to release a fake utility for hacking, which turns the iPhone and iPad into a brick, is not yet clear, because it does not steal personal user data. Unfortunately, the prospect of a genuine break for the latest operating system is still extremely foggy.

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