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Rosefield Watches Brand Review

Written by Gloria Towolawi
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Rosefield is a women’s watch brand, it started with a small companion in Amsterdam in 2014, it immediately found its place in the market as one of the best watch brands. The aim of the Rosefield brand is to create a new collection of watches that will make it not only a jewel but also a modern accessory in the world of fashion. Rosefield today has become an international brand that sells its products all over the world. Rosefield brand watches were able to mix commerce and creativity, business and pleasure as well as luxury and simplicity.

The brand believes that luxury watches do not need a full salary to have them, and to prove this the brand has chosen subject matter experts who not only have the experience and knowledge in watchmaking and jewelery but also a passion for watches and the most creative artists.

Moreover, we can notice the touches of creativity and originality in the different models that the brand presents each year, its watches are not only unique and beautiful but also solid and reliable. The finishes are studied and very well done. The materials used for the manufacture of Rosefield watches are different from one model to another, thus promoting diversity but above all resistivity and solidity. Rosefield watches allow people to keep up with fashion.

The different models of Rosefield watches are available in several stores around the world as well as on official sales sites.

Why choose a watch from the Rosefield brand?
There are several reasons why you should choose a Rosefield watch, the first is luxury at a low price. The brand has chosen the creativity, elegance and originality of luxury watches accessible to everyone and for all budgets. It allows you to follow fashion and embellish all your outfits with a watch or several watches that will also serve as jewelry at extremely low prices. Rosefield watches are also very strong and durable, allowing you to use your watch for as long as you want.

Again, the operation system of the watch allows you to have the exact time without deviation everywhere in an easy and convenient way, it will also allow you to stay away from bright screens which harm your eyes.

How much does a rosefield watch cost?
There are various models of Rosefield brand watches on the market at very different prices which depend on the quality of the materials used for the manufacture of the watch, even leather, stainless steel, rubber and many others as well as the design. watches that can be sophisticated and full of small details that need a lot of work to finish or a very simple design that does not require a lot of effort to achieve. So if you want a very high quality watch you will have a budget ranging from 100 to 300 euros.

On the other hand, if you want a simple watch with fewer details, you can have a Rosefield watch ranging from 50 to 100 euros. The price for which you will get your watch also depends on the means you use to get it, if you choose to buy your watch online you must pay for delivery. On the other hand, if you buy your watch in a store or jewelry store, you will get it at the lowest price, especially if you avoid luxury stores.

How to turn back the time of a Rosefield watch?
Rosefield watches work thanks to the law of piezoelectricity or even quartz movement, which is a Japanese technology known for its high precision which allows you to have the exact time without deviations or errors. So if you notice a malfunction of the watch or a misadjustment of the time, know that it is probably because of the battery which is weak. You will therefore need to change the battery yourself or with the help of a watchmaker if it seems complicated and wind up the time.

To wind the time you only have to use the manual winding system, it is the screw which is on the right of the case. Once you see the screw you just have to pull it out to unlock it and block the movement of the hands so you can turn the screw and the hands, point the small hand to the exact hour and the large hand to the precise minute. Then directly you push the screw inside to lock the screw and restart the watch. If your watch has several sub-dials, it will surely have selection buttons that allow you to designate the hand you want and follow the same previous steps for adjustment.

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