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Samsung Galaxy S10 Has Got A Terrific Feature

Samsung Galaxy S10 Has Got A Terrific Feature -
Written by Gloria Towolawi
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Samsung Galaxy S10 Has Got A Terrific Feature That Everyone Dreamed About


Developers from the XDA Developers forum learned the code of the Samsung Pay system for the Galaxy Note 9, and then came to the conclusion that the flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy S10 got a feature that all have long dreamed about. This is a built-in fingerprint scanner. Unfortunately, the sensor type is not disclosed. It may be optimal, or ultrasonic. The latter is much better in everything, but at the same time at cost, it is several times more expensive.

The ultrasound fingerprint scanner works even with wet hands, it provides increased precision, and, moreover, can function if the hands are somewhat dirty. According to sources, the Samsung Galaxy S10 has a dactyloscopic module that runs on the basis of Qualcomm ultrasound, and it’s about third-generation brand technology. In this case, the scanner itself runs on the screen 30% of its surface, and not in any particular place.

Thus, the question of the presence of a fingerprint reader built into the display in the Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphone can be closed once and for all, as this device will receive, because its support is already in the payment system Samsung Pay latest version. It only remains to wait for the official announcement of the upcoming novelty that will be shown to the public within the framework of the event called Samsung Unpacked 2019, and will be held on February 20 in the American city of San Francisco.

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