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Samsung introduced Galaxy Fold – its first smartphone with a flexible screen

Samsung introduced Galaxy Fold - its first smartphone with a flexible screen -
Written by Gloria Towolawi
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Samsung today announced its first smartphone with a flexible screen at a special event in San Francisco. The device was named Galaxy Fold.

Samsung released the first prototype of a flexible screen in 2011, and now, eight years later, the display has risen to the conveyor. But not in itself, but in the Galaxy Fold. By the way, the official press release speaks directly about “device categories”, so today’s smartphone is the firstborn of a family.

To enable the screen to fit, Samsung has created a new polymer layer and made the display twice as thin as its usual counterparts. The new material makes the Galaxy Fold flexible and durable. And yet, Samsung is proud of the “innovative connectivity module,” due to which half the smartphone is built into a flat compact device. The module protects both the internal display part and the bending mechanism.

Interestingly, the characteristics of the screen (it, incidentally, referred to as the Infinity Flex Display and has as the basis of the panel Dynamic AMOLED) data especially and there. It is characterized by a 7.3 inches diagonal, QXGA + resolution and a 4.2: 3 aspect ratio. There is a smartphone and front-facing (external) Super-AMOLED display with a 4.6-inch HD + resolution with a 21: 9 aspect ratio.

About the hardware platform Galaxy Fold is also a bit of data. It is only reported that SoC (Samsung calls its AP chipset) is executed at the technology of 7 nm and has an eight-core CPU. The LPDDR4x memory was 12 GB, with UFS 3.0 built-in flash memory of 512 GB.

As for cameras, they are in the smartphone as many as six. Triple – the main, double frontal on the internal folding part and single frontal – on the outside. The main one is represented by sensors with a resolution of 16 Mp (with a wide-angle lens with aperture F / 2.2 connected to it), 12 Mp (here the lens with apertures F / 1,5 and F / 2,4 and optical stabilization) and 12 Mp (Optical Stabilization Telephoto Lens, Dual Optical Zoom and F / 2.4 Aperture).

The frontal chamber on the folding part is represented by sensors with a resolution of 8 and 10 Mp – with lenses with apertures F / 1,9 and F / 2,2, respectively. A single front camera on the outside is like a half of the previous one: with a 10 megapixel sensor and an F / 2.2 aperture.

The Galaxy Fold uses a power supply system with two batteries, with a total capacity of 4380 mAh. The smartphone is also capable of charging and simultaneously charging other mobile devices with the help of wireless reverse-charge technology. The fingerprint reader is also available, it is located on the side.

Samsung Galaxy Fold runs Android OS 9.0, but the interface, by itself, is heavily redesigned, taking into account the design features of the model. Yes, the smartphone allows you to keep open to three active applications at one and the same time. Also, the interface provides the ability to quickly switch from the external screen to the inside and vice versa. When you open and close Galaxy Fold, apps are automatically displayed on the screen with which the user works. For example, using the phone in folded form, you can stay in touch with Instagram thanks to the convenient scrolling of the tape with one hand. And if you want to edit a photo or have a closer look at the post, you can open a smartphone and work with a large screen. And the Galaxy Fold is also compatible with the DeX branded docking station.

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