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Samsung is considering installing a camera in a stylus

Samsung is considering installing a camera in a stylus -
Written by Gloria Towolawi
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Samsung is considering creating an Optical Zoom Camera in the stylus for the next Smartphone Series Note. According to a patent filed in February 2017 and issued on 02.05.2019, the stylus will be able to wirelessly send any image to a phone or tablet.

Most likely, the Bluetooth technology that was added to Per S Pen for Note 9 will be used.

S Pen with built-in camera would offer a number of benefits. On the one hand, the spatial constraints in the main body of the phone usually mean that the optical zoom can not be the language. But in the Samsung patent it is noticeable that the stylus camera has an optical zoom feature. Disconnecting the camera from the phone will also give you more flexibility in how you take your photos – allowing them to make them appear higher or lower when using the phone’s display as a monitor.

The patent shows the stylus that contains the camera, and has its own control key.

As with all such patents, there is no guarantee that this feature will ever appear in future products. But after Samsung faces weak sales in 2018, it will need new attractive features like this to revitalize its business for smartphones.

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