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Samsung smartphone with 5G support is shown in action

Samsung smartphone
Written by Gloria Towolawi
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The largest South Korean telecom operators have already begun deploying commercial 5G networks. SK Telecom recently demonstrated the world’s first 5G commercial video calling using the Samsung prototype, which looks very similar to the Galaxy S9 + Plus.


Director General SK Telecom made a video call, talking to a staff manager at a distance of about 23 km, that is, the transfer route combined several access points. Some shortcomings detected during the session are likely to be inadequate and will be resolved as network expansion expands. However, now 5G video quality is superior to LTE in terms of video quality.


5G commercial networks are launched in 13 South Korean cities, but so far they are only available to corporate clients. Ordinary users will not be able to experience the benefits of 5G by March next year, when compatible smartphones start appearing on the market.

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